Epic Pop-Up: Beer Garden / by EpicDevelopments

San Francisco’s Temporary Beer Garden Takes Off
Biergarten in San Francisco

After reading an article in Atlantic Cities a while back about a Pop-up beer garden in San Fran, I thought to myself, what a fun concept.  Especially in a time where so many real estate deals are slow in the making, the idea of using the land temporarily in bring life to the site/neighborhood seems brilliant.  The cost; a retrofitted shipping container, electricity source/lighting, a few sets of chairs and tables and beer.  Lots and lots of beer.  Many throw in some salty friend chickpeas or wasabi popcorn.  Seems easy enough, right?  But alas, the article was published in November and with the Pittsburgh winter looming (who knew it was gonna be 55 in February?!?), I shelved the idea for a later date. 

The drinks list includes draft and bottle beers as well as German wines.
That said, with spring around the corner, doesn't a cold beer and a few salty snacks outside sound like a dream?  With this in mind, I've been casually observing sites in the city that have a development plan in the works, but are still a few years off.  I think it would be a wildly fun/unique way to enjoy the outside beer with good music and snacks.  Its a project (both the beer garden and the future development site)  that exemplify the urbanity that is growing in Pittsburgh's neighborhoods like East Liberty, Lawrenceville, Downtown, Strip District, and others.   Additionally, it gives the developer a chance to show case their plan for the site to the patrons night after night.  Its a win, win.

So where do you think this would work best?  What location do you think would have the best draw for crowds if it was open Wed-Sun afternoon?  What Pittsburgh brewing operation would you want to see on tap?  Cheers!