Another top ten list for Pittsburgh / by EpicDevelopments

Pittsburgh has been the darling of top ten lists for the past few years.  Today Forbes adds to that list, calling Pittsburgh a 'Top Ten Comeback City of 2012.'  Add this to our collection of other top ten lists including:
  • Most Livable Cities in America (29th in the world)
  • Best Cities for College Graduates
  • Top Hipster Cities (insert joke here)
  • 2012 Best Places in the World to visit (thanks National Geographic, that one is cool)
  • Best Sports Towns in America
  • Best Cities to Relocate (Living proof!  $1000 loft verses my $900 basement in DC, yes please!)
  • Most Affordable Cities in the World 
  • Best Cities for Kayaking (I agree, see sidebar picture for evidence)
  • Best Large City with a Future
  • Most Literate Cities in America
  • Top Ballparks in the Country
  • Hottest Areas for Jobs
  • Most Underrated Cities in American
  • Top Cities for Corporate Real Estate 
And this is just from 2011 and the first two months of 2012! Click here to see past years accolades.  What other reasons do we need to reassure ourselves how great this city is!