Exciting East Liberty / by EpicDevelopments

East Liberty cant seem to avoid the attention its getting these days.  And its seemingly for good reasons.  In the past ten years East Lib has gone from 'run the red' to 'park and walk to see whats new.'  And if you haven't done the latter, you should!  The place has food from all over (France, Vintage Pittsburgh, Ethiopia, Mexico, Caribbean, Deep South) to delicious coffee and pastry to the city conveniences like Whole Foods, Target, Home Depot.  And it doesn't stop there!  East Lib is on a growth spurt with several exciting projects on the way.  Here are a couple I snapped while strolling the neighborhood this week.

New Apartments!  The Highland and Wallace buildings are two of the historic gems that Walnut Capital are renovating to bring 130 Apartments to neighborhood!  The ground level will lends itself perfectly to house a new restaurant or retail.  Fun new furniture or tasty restaurant, sounds good to me!

More Caffeine!  Zeke's Coffee roasts all their coffee onsite kicking out some serious blends.  The tasty roasts also bring the promise that it can turn me into an overly excited/caffeinated black guy rather than an overly excited/caffeinated white guy!

ACE Hotel!!  Arguably the most exciting project in the bunch is the announcement of the Ace Hotel potentially opening in the former YMCA building (imagine waking up with that church outside your window!).  For those unfamiliar with the group, its the definition of cool.  Currently in Palm Springs (go!), New York, Seattle, and Portland; the hipster hotel will definitely continue the rise of East Lib and Pittsburgh's up-and-coming factor.  The hotel will undoubtedly bring an interesting restaurant to the building as well as a Stumptown Coffee (game-changer) as it has with its other locations.  One of the best things about Ace's hotels is that they strive to make their common spaces interesting to the public and patrons alike with awesome djs, events/parties, and fun.  This development will certainly add life to this beautiful old building and make East Liberty all the more #EPIC!

More Restaurants!  Union Pig and Chicken opened in the neighborhood bringing more tasty eats to the burgeoning food destination in the city.  The new iteration of Conflict Kitchen is up and running focusing on a sammie from Iran.   Notion of Oakmont is also prowling the neighborhood for their new space, stayed tuned for where they end up! 

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