Bluebird Kitchen will no doubt be one of the most exciting openings for Downtown Pittsburgh in 2012.  Scheduled for a late April, Early May opening, Bluebird Kitchen will serve breakfast and lunch, filling a much needed hole in the Downtown market that today is largely dominated by chains.  Bluebird joins the masses that have been flocking to Market Square but will be offering something a bit different.  The focus of Bluebird will be southern-slanted creative cuisine in a setting that is reminiscent of a kitchen torn from a magazine.  Unlike the typical cafe, owner Liz Pessaro, has brought on a seasoned chef that will be shaking up the options that the Downtown-er is accustomed.   For breakfast, Bluebird will be serving both beautiful pastries and coffee (delicious Counter Culture will be brewed) as well as more substantial options with some exciting twists.  For lunch, sandwiches and salads will no dominate but look for other exciting options.  Stay tuned for the menu was they have everything set after tastings next week.

Pessaro recently moved from New York (though a Pittsburgh native) and it shows in the design.  Bluebird most definitely evokes the thoughtful high-design that is common in New York but much needed in Downtown and Pittsburgh alike.   Inside Bluebird is simple and clean and has a warm, cozy feel to it.  I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak and snap a couple of pictures and now I am even more excited for them to open!


Bluebird Kitchen
221 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222