Can't find parking Southside? Bike instead!! / by EpicDevelopments

Parking is getting a little tighter for some and little better for others in the Southside. The city of Pittsburgh recently opened up there first bike corral in front of OTB Bicycle Cafe in the Southside.  The new onstreet parking replaces two traditional parking spaces and allows up to 22 bikes to park comfortably on the street.  This next step in biking in Pittsburgh continues to solidify a strong and growing population in the city!  

And its being recognized.  Pittsburgh is now bronze rate city for being bike-friendly and ranks among the top 30 cities for bike by Bicycle Magazine.  Additional Pittsburgh holds the 13th spot in the nation for residents using this bike to commute!  
The new corrals will begin to pop up in other neighborhoods throughout the course of the year (Shadyside is currently in the works) and will be followed by more bike friendly initiatives thanks to advocacy groups like Bike Pittsburgh as well as the city who has an on staff bicycle-pedestrian coordinator.  The city currently has 20 miles of bike lanes in the city but seeks to triple that figure by year end which should make Car Free Friday's all the more easy to commute!