Delicious Neighborhood: Beechview / by EpicDevelopments

Most Pittsburghers (read South Hills natives) know Beechview from riding the 'T' through it to get home.  And for years Beechview hadn't done much in the way of louring riders into the neighborhood that offered little in terms of excitement.  Yet seemingly overnight the area has landed three delicious and distinctively different restaurants to the neighborhood that could point to signs that Beechview is on the up and up.

Casa Rasta.  Run by a dreaded, relaxed staff the little taqueria is pumping out easily one of the best tacos in town and bar none the best tostadas in town.  The little stop is tiny and simple inside with fun little mexican  knick-knacks hanging around and a nice little patio outside.  Everything sounded delicious on the menu so we ordered it all.  $40. And its the best $40 I've spent in a while.  If you had a gun to my head, I'd say the jerk chicken was the best but I'm not joking when I say it was all delicious, right down to the rice and beans.  So grab a six pack, head to Casa Rasta, kick back on the outdoor patio, and loosen up the belt buckle and go to town!
 Slice on Broadway.  Delicious.  Inexpensive.  Big.  Three descriptors I like when describing a pizza shop and they all fit the bill when it comes to Slice on Broadway.  When you walk in you are expecting the typical Pittsburgh pizza shop as it looks like every other pizza place in town but the when you get the pizza it is much more reminiscent of a high-end parlor than a neighborhood outpost.  The sauce is made with San Marzano tomatoes and basil is piled on, while the fresh mozzarella is restrained.  And thats just the margarita.  Then there are the listing of specialty pizzas with one sounding better than the next.  All this for beyond reasonable prices ranging from $10-$18 (you feel a little guilty, but then you get over it and order another pizza).  Slice also gets my nod for one of the best crusts in the city.
Crested Duck Charcuterie.  Now let me begin that I haven't eaten in their new deli but knowing their product from their stand at the Pittsburgh Public Market it is bound to be amazing.  Just look at their weekly specials on their website and tell me that these guys wouldn't make a delicious sandwich.  And the perk is after eating, you can order yourself some duck liver mousse or lamb coppa and enjoy their tasty provisions from the comfort of your car... i mean house.