Coming Soon: Tapped! A Pop Up Beer Garden / by EpicDevelopments

I'm crazy excited to announce TAPPED, a series of Pop Up beer gardens that will be appearing across the city on Saturdays all summer.  The first of five TAPPED events will be held at parking lot adjacent to Bar Marco (Firehouse Farmer's Market Space) in the Strip District on June 23 from 1:30pm-12am.  TAPPED will offer cold local brews (as well as some other non-beer cocktails from the talented Bar Marco bar), delicious food from Bar Marco, deluxe pastries from a mystery chef, as well a host of Pittsburgh food trucks invited to join in the fun!   So you have two weeks to sharpen your horseshoe skills and to find the perfect beer koozie.  Can't wait!  It's gonna be EPIC!(*#)$**(