East Liberty Project Comes Back from the Dead / by EpicDevelopments

Another new hotel/development project for East Liberty?!?  As if the Ace Hotel project, the Highland Building Apartments, Ogden Building Apartments, and the annoucement of the new transit center (with Eastside III to follow) weren't all enough, I found this new signage up at the corner of Highland and Broad St while bopping through East Lib yesterday afternoon. 
The project, being developed by 2414 Morgan Development is poised to bring a 140 room Hotel Indigo hotel, two restaurants, and two bars to a corner of East Liberty that hadn't seen much foot traffic until Kevin Sousa opened up Union Pig and Chicken a block down earlier in the year.  Yet with this project, this corner is poised to serve as anchor and a significant bookend to the core of the revitalized East Liberty business district. 

What's most surprising about this project isn't, its location or components (though they are a bit crazy!), its that it still exists!  This project was initially pitched in 2007; before Target, before Kevin Sousa, before the Ace.  It was a bold project on the opposite edge of East Liberty's development activity (read: Eastside) and seemed like it was a go.  Then the recession hit and it was delayed and delayed and then finally shelved.  And up until yesterday, I thought that project was dead in the water.  But, with the fencing up and the starting of demolition underway, it looks like this project is back from the dead.   It can't be long til a story about this is in the papers so I will be interested what all will be contained in this new project.  Will it be the same uses pitched in 2007 (and advertised on the developer's website) or have they tweaked it to react to the market?  Time will tell!  One thing that seems undeniable though, is East Liberty is not only back but is on its way down a bold new path!