Tapped. Beer, Baked Goods, Banh Mi Sammies, Hot Dogs, and More / by EpicDevelopments

The goal of Tapped is simple. To have fun.  But the plan behind Tapped came from a bit more than just wanting to have a fun party that bounces around.  Tapped was hatched from an article I read about a pop up beer garden in San Francisco and was one my first blog posts.

More than that.  At Tapped we only wanted to partner with people in Pittsburgh who are being bold, entrepreneurial, and making our city a more interesting place.  Here are a few of the people that will be at Tapped and a little about what they do!

Bar Marco.  If you haven't been to Bar Marco, you are missing out.  Wines that are hard to come by, bold cocktails, tasty small bites of cheese/meats/'little things,' all in a beautifully crafted space highlighting local art (done well, not coffee shop art) in a chilled out setting.  Think of it as going to your very cool friends house and not wanting to leave.

Fat Cat Baked Goods.  The Fat Cat is actually a skinny little pistol called Becca.  A transplant to Pittsburgh and chef at Dinette, she makes some of the best damn pastries around.  It's not called Fat Cat by coinsidence.  Becca bakes like you are supposed to with sugar and butter.  So run an extra mile this week and jump on her delicious local sourced and organic treats while you can!

Full Pint Brewery. Full Pint is a North Versailles brewing operation that is pumping out some of the tastiest beers around.  From there balanced All-In-Amber to their whiskey barrel aged Rye Rebellion Imperial Stout, these guys know good beer and are rolling it out to the masses.

Franktuary.  An hot dog shop in the back of a church.  A hot dog truck.  A new location in Lawrenceville.  The pioneering new guard of hot dogs in Pittsburgh seems to know the moves to make.  And its easy when you are kicking out an amazing product.  Their delicious classic and gourmet dogs are humanely sourced and topped with locally farmed products and just darn good!  
Lucy's.  The best bahn mi in town?  I'd say.  And where is the kitchen?  You are looking at it.  Lucy has been pumping out bahn mi sammies in Pittsburgh long before they were a culinary trend, all from her little stand on Penn Ave and we are crazy excited she will be slinging them out for us at Tapped!

PGH Taco Truck.  ***COMING TO FUTURE TAPPED EVENTS***  While the PGH Taco Truck isn't a truck just yet (coming late summer) we will be lucky enough able to bring a sneak preview of some of owner James Rich's tacos to future Tapped events.  So look forward to organic beef with tomatoes and hatch chilis and pork marinated in cream and jalapeno that were a hit at the Mattress Factory Garden Party and no doubt at Tapped!

Music! We are super excited to have Tom Holroyd bringing some sweet tunes.  Tom (a.k.a. comic strips) has been pumping out awesomely fun electronic, dance tunes to the masses and will be bring some new disco/pop/dance sounds to Tapped.  Ready for something new Pittsburgh?
And don't forget bocce.  Two courts.  Good Stuff.   

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