Design: Nostalgia verse Modernity / by EpicDevelopments

I'd have to say that my day to day preference is to modern clean lined design.  If I was to live in my dream home it would be a modern 1950's ranch with huge plate windows or a ultra mod unit in a high rise in the city.  Yet even though my propensity is towards the modern side, I also love preservation/celebration of the past.  
I bring this up with the new lighting of the Gulf Tower in mind.  To start, the Gulf Tower is one of my favorite buildings in Pittsburgh.  It has this understated sense of power and position that few modern towers can accomplish.  It doesn't need any gimmicks to be beautiful, only to be itself.  Atop the tower was a simple lit pedestal with its signature beacon on top relaying the weather via a two color, solid or blinking system.  Its not that anyone used the building for weather, it is more that it was there if you chose to take note.  
Yet now the top of the understated Gulf Building has undergone a transition to a glitzy LED lit cap.  For me, its just seems to cheapen the building.  The colorful top reminds me of the old lady that's wearing clothes that are far too stylish and just seems odd.  And what seems sillier is the system in place to tell the weather.  There now is a four tier system in which each pedestal tells a component of the weather, a system that is beyond complicated to recall (and unnecessary seeing as the weather is on everyone's phone).    

While I see the need for buildings to reposition themselves to attract high quality tenants, for me the end result seems silly and very Vegas-esque.  Call me old fashioned but I miss the old blinking beacon and like my skyline with buildings being the statement.