Coming (really) Soon: Tapped Larimer / by EpicDevelopments

The third installment of Epic Development and Bar Marco's Tapped series of pop up beer gardens launches this Saturday in Larimer.  We are particularly excited for this event because its partnering with the great people at GTech Strategies to make this event all the better.  In the morning, GTech will be hosting a biking tour of their reclaimed lots that are used in a variety of ways including plantings with sunflowers and other plants (to make biofuel), food gardens, play spaces, and others.  To sign up for the ride, go to GTech's web sign-up.
Site of the Tapped Larimer
After the ride, Epic/Bar Marco will be taking over with Tapped Larimer.  Expect the same good times and cold beers we have been cranking out in Lawrenceville and the Strip District.  Larimer is a place that has increasingly been attracting attention from the real estate community, the business community, and its great neighborhood groups; all of which make Larimer a group spot for Tapped.   We are really excited about the line up of vendors we curated for this event.  Here is who will be there:
Full Pint Brewing: All-In-Amber and RumplePilsen
End East Brewing: Pedal Pale Ale and MonkeyBoy Hefeweizen
Wigle Whiskey: Cocktails by Bobby Fry of Bar Marco
Bar Marco: Delicious farm to table snacks and unique cocktails/vino
Frankuary: A Delicous Hot Dog Truck
Fat Cat Baked Goods: Locally sourced baked treats
Fuduka Sushi: Pop Up Sushi Bar 
Oh My Grill: A Grilled Cheese Truck

See you all there in the 75 degree sun this Saturday!
Date/Time:  August 11th, 12pm - 11pm