Hidden in plain sight: Mellon Park / by EpicDevelopments

Firth Avenue Entrance
Mellon Park is one of those places that a people love and talk about and I feel like most people agree without having any idea of what the place looks like.  'Yeah, aren't Pittsburgh parks great' was basically my line when talking about any of the 'grand' parks of the city.   But I'm here to tell you that they are right.  It is a beautiful park and one every Pittsburgh should spend a relaxing afternoon with a book and a coffee (or a coffee thermos of wine, no one will tell).   

Herb Garden

Herb Garden
Entrance to Walled Garden

Prior to visiting, I knew where the gates to get into the park were but that was about it.  Upon climbing the hill up from Fifth Ave, the small park opens up to a beautiful lawn down a landscaped walled garden.  There isn't much to it, 15 minutes and you have walked around the whole park.  But where it lacks in size compared to its city brotheren, it makes up in an undeniable sense of relaxation.  Feel no need to run on its trails, it doesnt really have them.  No need to dodge bikers, they avoid it.  So what is there to do?  Sit, read, relax, chitchat, snack, or all of the above.   Take the afternoon off, you deserve it!
Path inside Walled Garden
Walled Garden 
Mellon Park 
Fifth and Shady Ave
Shadyside/Point Breeze