Local: Nadine Luther Photography / by EpicDevelopments

The typical Pittsburgh photographer fills their arsenel with tried and true shots of what makes this city great, Downtown from the West End Bridge, the Strip District on a busy morning, and the incline trugging up the mountain.  And while all of them are scenic and should be documented, I don't want them hanging in my living room.  Enter Nadine Luther.

Nadine's body of work does include the 'tried and true' elements of Pittsburgh photography; but rather than looking at them as a composed whole, Luther drills down to the architectural elements.  Nadine snaps shots and finds beauty in the details, the elements you and I walk by each day; the bridge truss, the gargoyles perched high above the sidewalk.  The pieces tend to be mainly monochromatic (as they focus on one element) and add a brilliant punch to a wall of pieces (see below).  
Luther's Equitable Gas framed in chrome
Best of all Luther's works are approachable.  Priced from $25 for a 5"x5" framed piece up to $40 for a 8"x10" piece, it makes for a fit for any budget.  Her works can currently be found at Boutique 208 Downtown (part of Pop Up Pittsburgh) on 6th St or you can contact her directly through Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/NadineLutherPhotography.