On the radar: Construction in Lawrenceville / by EpicDevelopments

Locomotive Lofts under construction on 48th Street.  Preservation of a brick shell with mod addition; 34 New Apartments 
Loftmotive Lofts Rending 
Victorian Storefront Renovation between 37th and 38th St.  Prior to this building was one of the few rough buildings left on the block.  Not sure what will fill the space upon completion.
New project from Botero Development to hold the new venture from Verde's Jeff Catalina, Tender Bar + Kitchen, in addition to five lofts apartments
Facade work mostly done at Phase I of Shannopins Village with Frankuary as one of the retail tenants.
Site work beginning on Hatfield + Home Project; a 14 modern unit infill project between Home and 46th St.   
Rending of completed 14 units of Hatfield + Home Project
Mystery infill residential project between Penn and Liberty on Fisk and Mintwood.  Details to follow.