Coming (really) Soon: The Shop in East Liberty / by EpicDevelopments

First there was Union Pig and Chicken, alone at the end of North Highland.  At the time it seemed like it was near nothing.  Fast forward a year and this lone stretch of North Highland is turning into a bustling little street!  There is a new Hotel Indigo going in across the street with commerical and retail space, Kevin Sousa is opening a new cocktail operation, Harvard + Highland, and Pittsburgh transplant Julia Reynolds is opening The Shop in East Liberty. I was lucky enough to get a preview of The Shop in East Liberty yesterday, feeding my appetite for all things new and design centric.  It didn't disappoint.
The beautiful space is lined with clean lined shelving with simple prints from both local and national artists.  Mod birch tables in the center of the room display jewelry and housewares made for those with an eye for design.  Reynolds stressed that the store reflect the product in a simple yet well conceived space.  'Its important to have the store feel like what we are selling.'  While she could have opened the store in her hometown of DC or in Brooklyn but Julia chose Pittsburgh because she saw it as an untapped market with pent up potential.  'If I didn't open this, someone was going to, so why not now.'   

Julia said she gets her inventory from trolling countless blogs, bringing in items that aren't found in other Pittsburgh stores.  Price also plays a significant role.  Reynolds wants the items in the store to be approachable, rather than feel like a gallery.  Most pieces, art and housewares alike, are under $75, which is amazing given the quality and design of the works.  
With the last few shipments coming in, Reynolds and her pup Jake, will be peeling off the brown paper and holding a soft opening this Saturday, September 15th from 10:30am - 7pm (6pm on weekdays) and will host a grand opening on September 28th at 5pm.  If you have the opportunity to be one of the first to check it out, you absolutely should.  And what the heck, make it an East Liberty weekend.  Have a cocktail at Kelly's, do some browsing at The Shop, and dinner at Union.  You will no doubt enjoy the combination.
The Shop in East Liberty
A: 214 N Highland Ave, 15206