Dear Pittsburgh, Thanks, Love Tapped. / by EpicDevelopments

Thank you all for coming out and supporting Tapped this year.  We knew our beer drinking brethren across Pittsburgh would be excited about the series but we had no idea that they would be as crazy fun as they were!  We had a blast pulling each one of the five together.  We loved that every neighborhood location had its own slant on the concept. We are already looking forward to bettering ourselves next year, so look out!  And if you think you're neighborhood is would be a target for next years Tapped series, let us know!
I'd like to extend a special thanks to everyone who made these events as fun as they were!  A very special thanks to the gentlemen at Bar Marco!  I tip a keg beer back with you all any day!  And thank you to everyone who made these events great including  Full Pint Brewing, East End Brewing, the Brew Gentlemen, Wigle Whiskey, Lucy's, Fat Cat Baked Goods, Franktuary, Pittsburgh Taco Truck, PGH Pierogie Truck, Oh My Grill, Fukuda, Kevin Sousa, GTech, Revive Marketing, Bakery Square, City of Braddock, and our delightful bartenders Abbie McAllister, Eva Mueller, Abbie Maravalli, and Skye Frontier.