Mike Dreams of Sushi / by EpicDevelopments

Where once a little Italian restaurant stood in the heart of Bloomfield (who is now doing incredible things in the Southside), two business partners are doing about the farthest thing from rich Italian food; simple, artfully prepared Japanese cuisine.  The duo and their restaurant Fukuda are bringing a level of precision and thoughtfulness that currently isn't found in the Asian food community in Pittsburgh.
At a recent omakase (translation: I'll leave it to you) dinner, ten were treated to a meal that was not only beautifully orchestrated but was phenomenally delicious.  The meal begun with sushi unlike any in the city.  A single piece was rolled individually for each patron and painted delicately with soy and touched with wasabi.  Each was then simply placed on a slate plate with small shaving of ginger.  As the dinner moved through the courses, the offerings got richer but still were refined and delicate from pork belly to ramen.

While the two are still toying with the final offerings of Fukuda (bouncing around ideas at Food Truck Fridays at Bar Marco, Tapped Pop Up Beer Gardens, and at a street-side sushi bar outside their space in Bloomfield) what we know today is that when they open up, Pittsburgh will be in for a something decidedly different and interesting.  
quail egg and monkfish liver
lean tuna
co-owner and chef matt kemp
cucumber caviar, wildflowers

apple, kale, and monkfish liver
takoyaki with foie butter and beet power
co-owner hoon crafting cocktails
original art installations that will rotate over the year