Things I am looking forward to... / by EpicDevelopments

....Ace Hotel in East Liberty.  Yes I have said it before but I'll say it again, THE ACE is coming to Pittsburgh.  This week a $790,000 grant was announced to putting the project back in the spotlight and got me all excited for it all over again.  Seriously; Portland, Seattle, LA, NY, Palm Springs, and PITTSBURGH., how can't you be excited.  And the project comes with the phenomenally delicious Stumptown Coffee, a no doubt amazingly interesting restaurant, and a really cool programmed lobby space.  I mean just check out the inside of the Ace in New York.  Its cool beyond cool.
...PMC's renovation of the Regional Enterprise Building (Alcoa Building).  There are a ton of new apartments moving into Downtown, all of which are exciting, but few can a nice high perch 30 stories in the sky.   Plus throw in the cool spaceship like windows in the mix and your are poised to have some super unique units. restaurants.   Notion. Magerac. Market Square il Pizzaiolo. New concept from Meat & Potatoes. Tender. Northside iteration of Piccolo Forno.  And those are just the announced projects!  The future holds some delicious, delicious things Pittsburgh.

...further invest in Downtown.  PNC's new tower rising from the ground, a new spec office highrise, a new midrise hotel/office project (The Gardens), 100 new construction apartments in addition to hundreds of converted units, more retail, more restaurants, more people.  Its all exciting stuff!
...the worst kept secret being out! Pittsburgh is great! And finally our residents (some, not all) are on board with what people outside of Pittsburgh are saying about us!  It's taken years of articles and conversations but Pittsburgh is starting to sport some swagger about our town and its a long awaited change!