Twists on the expected / by EpicDevelopments

#1: I have a soft spot for all things modern.  I like things that are so retro that they are modern and a chair made from the most cutting edge design studio in Europe.  That being said, I think that there is a time and a place for modernity.  Too much is too much.   On a recent stroll I stumbled upon two streets that balanced my love of modernity and another love of the mine, the traditional rowhome.  At the corner of S. Fairmont St and Claredon in Friendship where once stood an empty and weeded lot is now home to this stark modern home.  Its interesting to me because for me, modern homes mean lots of light and windows, yet this home is different.  Windows aren't placed where one expects and the color is a bit dark but even so, I dig it.  Rather than look like every other modern house, this one picks up lines from the neighborhood and brings something decidedly different in its modernity.  I think as it wraps up construction and landscaping I will only like it more!  
#2: Just across the corner from this modern guy, there are a great bank of rowhomes, that like this modern house took a twist on the recognized formula.  Rather than have a bricked in porch, this stretch of ten or so beautifully restored residences has open porches right off the sidewalk.  It immediately makes this little side street a welcoming and warm place, rather than a cut through to more significant streets.  You can tell that the owner of these took the time and attention to make these places great.  In their renovation, each porch was book-ended with a terrific metal divider that gives each porch a little privacy but still encourages you to actually meet your neighbor.  If it wasn't for these little changes, I think I would have walked by with no thought, but like the modern house that popped up in a traditional neighborhood, this set of rowhomes has just that little something different that made me pause and recognize their charm.