Wanted: Brunch Culture / by EpicDevelopments

When I wake up on a Sunday morning, a little groggy and maybe with a little headache (don't judge) my head goes to one place, brunch.  Call me a cliche for loving brunch but I really do.  In coming back to Pittsburgh, I found that so many places started doing brunch from when I left two years prior.  Prior to 2010 your options were the Grand Concourse (expensive, stuffy, screaming/running around grandkids) or diners like Pamela's or DorStop.  Both are great options given a certain mood but neither are the experience I universally wanted, a long relaxing break from the world.
Now seemingly everyone has a brunch.  And there are some great food options out there from the traditional  to mexican, but across the board everyone seems to miss what brunch is about, spending far too much time at a single meal with friends drinking morning cocktails like there is no tomorrow.  Let's start with the time brunch starts.  12:45.  Earlier and you risk really making some really bad decisions like getting lox or something cause you are still sleepy and washing it down with something silly like straight orange juice (the only reason you ordered it is because that Grandma at the table across the room is giving you the stink eye for not going to church and drinking before noon).  12:45 is really the sweet spot.  Duration is at least two but preferably three hours.  So that means Pittsburgh, you can't end your brunches at two.   Where is the fun in that!?  Then what, you are forcing me into a bar to continue my afternoon of fun?  Now all the sudden I look like I have a drinking problem hitting up Jack's hard at 2:00pm.  No, the answer is that brunch is something that really needs to go to at least 3:30.
After we resolve this time dilemma  lets move to drink specials.  Seemingly no one thinks they exist Sunday afternoon in Pittsburgh.  On a recent trip to NY, our pick was a place that had $25 bottomless mimosas.  In DC, my favorite was a $3 mimosa/bloody mary brunch.  Yes I know its not fresh squeezed juice and yes I know I am not drinking Ketel One but thats not the point.  A Barefoot Brut and Tropicana still tastes pretty good and moreover its more about the company than the craft behind the drink.  How come I can go to happy hour in Pittsburgh and get a crazy inexpensive (and still delicious drink, cough cough Tamari, Kaya, etc) but its unheard of at brunch.  This is a change I'd love to see take root.

Finally, the atmosphere.  Right now, it seems that everyone that's doing brunch is one the same level.  Sit. Beverage. Food. Leave.   But lets shake that up.  How about a place that's a little wild, loud music (maybe even a DJ) and a party vibe?  How about a brunch that does a full on dim-sum style brunch?  How about a place thats a flat rate that is all included (and not buffet) so you just kick back all afternoon?  How about a place that's all about something randomly fun (bingo brunch, yes please!)?  How about a drag brunch? 
So the mission is this Pittsburgh restaurants.  Bring all the innovation and excitement you have harnessed in other avenues and focus on brunch.  We are ready for you.