A New Iconic Activity for Pittsburgh / by EpicDevelopments

Recently, bopping around town, you are seeing alot more families and people in the city which is terrific.  Instead of going to the chain restaurant or exploring the local sterile mall offerings, you are seeing more and more people enjoying the unique offerings of their own city and its neighborhoods.  That got me thinking.  Its something that I've thought of when I'm traveling, beyond shopping and eating (two things I'm very good at), what else do we do in cities we visit?  One can only see the sights and museums so many times so what if we brought another draw to the city, something to spark a new reason to come to to the city.  While Pittsburgh has the incline and Mt. Washington, both of which are unique and picturesque, what if Pittsburgh built some sort of iconic activity that offered up another option for the new generation of Pittsburgh.
Immediately what popped in my head as a newly iconic activity is the London Eye.  Its completely gimmicky but its something that when you are there, its kind of a must do.  I think building a grand structure along the river in the Strip by the Convention Center would add to the offerings of the city and offer incredibly cool views of the city and the surrounding areas.  And if its a way to, one, get more people in town and two, keep them here longer, then I think its a win for all.  And after all, George Ferris invented the Ferris Wheel while working in Pittsburgh, so we should showcase and honor our city's creation!

Or how about something for the more adventurous?  Wouldn't it be amazing to have a zip-course along the hillside of Mt. Washington.  Here would be a great way to make the side of the hill going up the Mount, more than just green space and walking trails.  A zip course wouldn't be destructive to anyone's view and the podiums are small enough that they wouldn't erode the hillsides green space.  Yet it would offer some of the most incredible views in a wild experience.  Cities have tried this in the past for temporary exhibits, most notably in Vancouver for the Olympics, and its been a smash.  Setting something permanent and setting it among treetops with an urban view would take it to a whole new level!
Another option for the adventurous would be a climbing wall.  In Asheville, NC over the summer, I saw a parking garage with a climbing wall covering a portion of it.  What a great way to take a needed city eye sore (I'm looking at you 9th St garage) and making it an additional amenity.  And make it big.  The 9th St Garage is something like five or six decks, so go all the way up!

What other activities do you think would benefit the city and serve as an additional landmark or hub of interest?  I'm interested to hear more ideas as I think there are increasing energies that could make a project like one of the above or yours happen! Ready, set, GO!