Coming Soon: Urbanist Guide Pittsburgh / by EpicDevelopments

New to Pittsburgh?  Back from years in New York and think Pittsburgh is behind the times?  Moved in from the burbs? Parents in town and can't think of where to go to dinner? If you answered yes to any of the questions then I have just the thing for you Pittsburgh...Urbanist Guide.

I'm terrifically EXCITED to announce that Epic Development has partnered to bring the Urbanist Guide to Pittsburgh from the sunny shores of San Diego!  Urbanist is a publication based in San Diego that shook up the concept of a city guide five years ago and hasn't looked back.  The guide brings together the best the city offers in categories ranging from restaurants to craft beer bars to vintage stores in a effortlessly cool print guide and web platform.  The businesses that are listed are all local and small that are bringing something exceptional and unique to the city.  The guide describes each in a quippy, insider fashion that makes you want to jump in the car and check out all 152.  PITTSBURGH has been selected as the second city to launch this stellar concept (others in the running include East LA, Seattle, etc) and we have lined up an amazing group of local businesses to make our San Diego friends excited to visit Pittsburgh in 2013.

Urbanist Pittsburgh will launch in late January, bringing the same discerning level of quality and cool to the 152 listings.  In addition to the listings (with photos and ads) the guide will feature a map displaying the location and proximity of neighborhoods to others, hopefully making Pittsburgh just a little bit more navigable to those new or visiting!  The guides will be located across the city at each listed location in addition to area hotels, apartment buildings, and more.  We'd love to share our awesome listings now but then would it be as fun to page through the guide in January?  So you'll just have to hold your horses til then.

Like the San Diego guide, Urbanist Pittsburgh will be accompanied by a high-designed website with an events calendar, blogs (3 Meals & A Bar, Out of the Kitchen, etc), as well as events that bring together listings of the guide in a unique collaborative events! First and foremost, look for our Pittsburgh Launch Party in February! 

So Pittsburgh, come January, the days that you are handed a awkward city guide with places marked and circled as go-to places will be gone (and so will the days of your suburban friends whining that there is nothing to do in Pittsburgh).  Instead, look for Urbanist to bring you a curated, fool-proof list of amazing Pittsburgh restaurants, bars, retailers, and more that will serve as an asset visitors and residents alike. In the mean time, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and stay tuned for great things!

..The City Unfolds