Coming Soon: Gaucho & Thin Man Sandwich / by EpicDevelopments

My nosiness paid off Saturday when I popped in to a little storefront along the edge of the Strip by the 16th St Bridge.  I've been quietly hoping that something fun was going to happen in this space and it seems like it is.  Gaucho is a new Argentinian wood-fired grill that plans to open in the next few weeks.  This space will fill a void in Pittsburgh as we don't have any true Angentinian places around town.  From looking at their menu, it looks like they are staying traditional (read: delicious, meat heavy menu) rather than contemporary which is just fine with me!  I can see it now.  A delicious cut of steak, roasted over a wood fire, smoothered in fresh garlicly chimichurri.  Yum.  Better start adding running time in the next few weeks to compensate for the calorie influx.

The space looks great with big butcher block in the middle of the room and the edges set up to have counter seating. I really am digging the stack of wood underneather each of the counters.  I hope they stay as a design element rather than a temporary stoarge spot.  The exterior of the building also looks great.  I don't recall if this is how the building looked prior, but either way it definitely suits the rustic interior of the space.  As I hear more details on the opening, hours, etc I will pass them along.  
Another one to look forward to is Thin Man Sandwich in the Strip opening Feburary 5th in the former 21st St Coffee space (Smallman & 21st).   You can be sure I'll be there in week one to try The Thin Man: Chicken Liver Mousse, Penn’s Corner Bacon, Frisee, Red Wine Vinaigrette, BaguetteIl Bastardo.  See their menu here for all their other delicious offerings.  They seem like they are going to have expanded hours compared to Cafe Raymond around the corner (which I love, but can never seem to catch it when its open), which will be nice.  Follow them on twitter to stay up to date on openings, etc.  @thinmansandwich