Wouldn't it be great if... / by EpicDevelopments

In the spirit of looking to other cities for inspiration to make PGH a better place, I had a thought earlier this week; wouldn't it be great if we had a kiosk like TKTS in New York for our theater/sporting events/concerts?  One of the many great conveniences of NYC is if you want to see a show (TKTS is specifically theater), you pop over to TKTS and see what you can get a deal on.  It helps the theater sell more tickets.  From a visitor/hospitality perspective, its terrific convenience, has a low knowledge barrier, and allows for great deals.  It seems like a win for all parties involved.
If you look in the Golden Triangle, there are tons of places for performances from both theater and live music to stadiums/arenas but currently the only way to grab last minute seats is to show up at the respective performance or event.  My thought is, why not make a kiosk destination that aggregates the last minute tickets so that if you are in town visiting or just want to see a show and its too late for Stubhub (close sales X hours prior to the event), you can pop over and grab a pair.  Different from TKTS, this could include sporting events and concerts making it a robust cultural amenity for the city.

In addition to its convenience benefit, a system like this also has the ability to expose visitors and residents alike to new experiences across the city.  Many in the city have seen productions by the traveling Broadway shows and CLO but fewer have seen City Theater or some of the smaller organized theater.  This could be an opportunity to highlight and open up audiences for them and draw from a larger base.

And conveniently for us, the booming online ticketing company ShowClix is headquartered right here in PGH and could help to spearhead and anchor something like this!  Hmmmmmm....sounds like a good match to me!

***If this was to ever happen, it would also be terrific to see it as a statement piece of architecture like the TKTS ticketing office in Time Square seen above.