Wanted: Riverside Swim Club / by EpicDevelopments

More than ever Pittsburgher's are using their three rivers for leisure.  Kayaks dot the Allegheny, marinas are filled to capacity, while rowing teams scoot up and down.  Yet if you want to swim, things are a little less accommodating.

But envision this.  A carved out portion of the shore line, maybe in Lawrenceville or the North Shore, in which water is pulled from the river into a captive pool at water level (infinity-esque but more just a divider between the pool and the river).  The water would be filtered to be free of debris and treated like it is at the Point's fountain or the water steps on the North Shore, but still in a nature state (read: lake looking water rather than neighborhood pool).  The water would have a sloped beach type entry with patrons in lounge chairs along its edges.  If it floods, fine, empty it into the river and pull in water again.

Add in someone that can do a great job with branding (think Round Corner Cantina with a pool) and it becomes an club that people are banging down the door to get in!  So, who's gonna make this happen!  CANNONBALL!

Look at a similar plan that they are looking to pursue in New York...http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/694835844/pool-a-floating-pool-in-the-river-for-everyone