HOME GROWN / by EpicDevelopments

One of the biggest questions we have had at TOWNHOUSE has been 'what here is made locally?'  This has been one that has caught us off guard.  When we hatched TOWNHOUSE, the idea was to bring in beautifully designed and attainably priced pieces to Pittsburgh.  We thought to look to NY, San Francisco, and Austin for inspiration and new companies we'd like to see in Pittsburgh.  But the one place that we didn't look was in our own city.  Whether it was something that fell through the cracks because our desire to partner with local firms (Weisshouse, The Shop in East Liberty, and The Beauty Shoppe) rather than nationals or it just did; its something now that we want to not only rectify, but blow it out of the water.  And like that, HOME GROWN was born.

HOME GROWN is a showcase at TOWNHOUSE throughout the month of August (1-22nd).  The show will bring together three local designers/producers from across the city.  Each offers their own style and perspective and is poised to shake up the game.  To welcome them all to TOWNHOUSE, we will be hosting an opening party after store hours, this Thursday, August 1 from 7-10pm (FB invite).  Come show your support of local designers and have a drink and snack on us!

Here is a preview of some of their works.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for profiles on each designer.

Dayshift Furniture
Bones and All
Cenzo Design

Also mark your calendars for our next trunk show at TOWNHOUSE with moop bags!  August 23-24.