Ten Reasons to Extend the 'T' to the Strip District / by EpicDevelopments

  • Extend T through the Strip District via Penn Station 
  • Two Stops: 
    • 17th Street Station (Stop along Busway, pedestrian bridge over Liberty Ave & rail lines)
    • 26th Street Station (Located at 26th St between Liberty & Penn, single track station in the middle of the street)
  • Extension Distances: 
    • Penn Station to 17th St: 0.46 miles
    • 17th Street Station to 26th Street Station: 0.70 miles
    • Total Extension: 1.16 miles (0.20 miles of track already extend pass Penn Station
Ten Reasons to Persue Project:  
  1. 'New' Downtown Station, Penn Station, already exists at proposed extension and is linked into the transit network
  2. Light rail tracks already run well past the Penn Station Stop (0.20 miles) and the East Busway is graded to support extension of the T, resulting in significantly reduced cost per mile (nationwide avg $40M)
  3. Extension wouldn't prevent buses from using Busway (dual track system like what exists at South Hills Junction)
  4. Penn Station could be further branded as dual Convention Center stop/Transit Hub
  5. Increased connectivity to Strip further supporting development of neighborhood assets including the proposed Buncher project  
  6. Could be spurred to continue through Lawrenceville via Railroad Street.
  7. Higher usages of the T by occasional users over the bus (ie people taking the T to Steelers games rather than work); justifying the change in transit mode
  8. Promotes progress in PGH continuing to better our transit network
  9. Congestion/parking relief on the Strip on weekends 
  10. Local/city governments pay only 20% of transits costs putting local dollars for extension within reasonable range; could also partner with local corporation as an extension sponsor to fund portion of project