2013: What We Love So Far (via Urbanist Pittsburgh) / by EpicDevelopments

Mid Atlantic Mercantile: Carefully curated American made wares (and tons of local PGH goods too) shine at this tiny Lawrenceville boutique new comer.
The Mine Factory: It feels more of a gallery in New York rather than in Pittsburgh from the space to the shows they are curating.  A welcome and needed addition to Pittsburgh’s art scene.
Gaucho:  You can smell this Argentinian wood-fired grill before you round the corner and your mouth starts to water.  My order: bife del gaucho (cowboy ribeye) and grilled vegetables.
Thin Man Sandwich: Fine dining meets the corner sandwich at this Strip District cafe from husband and wife duo.  My order: The name sake Thin Man with bacon, housemade pate, and frisee
Gaby et Jules: Exquisite french pastries are lined up in neat and tidy rows ready to be devoured.  Just run an extra mile at the gym and go all out.  Its worth it.
The Livermore:  A couple drinks, a couple simple snacks, good times.  My order:  Negroni and Crustinis.
Everyday Noodles:  With noodles pulled fresh in front of you, you know this place is going to be exceptional.  My order: Soup Dumplings and pork belly sliders.
Jules: Lawrenceville got a injection of style when this men’s and women’s boutique opened in summer of 2013.
Franktuary:  The new outpost of the Downtown hot dog shop brought Lawrenceville a new place to grab a gourmet dog while washing it down with local beers/spirits.  My order: The Texan Dog with a pickle plate and a Full Pint beer
Tender:  Craft cocktails are elevated here to near perfection by a team of talented bartenders.  My order: Corpse reviver #2 and tater tots.
What we are excited to open: Butcher and the Rye, Grit & Grace, Atlas Bottle Shop, Sienna Mercato, Smoke (in its new Lawrenceville location), Row House Cinema, The Pub Chip Shop, NuUrbanist Pittsburgh