Art as an Economic Catalyst / by EpicDevelopments

Think about Pittsburgh in the past two months. A train full of musicians and artists took over The Pennsylvanian.  We've covered a bridge in yarn.  We're floating a giant 40ft duck on our rivers.  We are bringing in pieces/performances to Pittsburgh that have never been shown in the US.  And this week we are hosting world class contemporary and new media artists as well as major players in the electric music for the Carnegie International and VIA Festival.  Pittsburgh, you are killing it.

And while these events on their own are incredibly awesome, what is more awesome is the crowds they are pulling in. These showcases are drawing thousands of people, not just from Peters Township and Cranberry (though there are plenty coming from the surrounding suburbs) but from places outside of Pittsburgh.  At Station to Station, there was a group that I met that drove from Toronto to meet Alice Waters.  At Friday's Nightmarket on 6th Street, I met a couple that came in from Miami for the Rubber Duck because they missed seeing it in Hong Kong.  So they come see the duck or a festival but then also get a dose of Pittsburgh, from our museums to our restaurants, and go back to tell their friends how cool Pittsburgh has become.  And the cycle starts again.  And again.  And again.
Station to Station
And even without the visitors, these events are all getting incredible coverage from nationwide publications like Huffington Post, TimeWIRED, and countless others applauding Pittsburgh's bustling arts scene.  So what do you say Pittsburgh, lets become a destination for all things interesting in the art world.  Let Austin take South by Southwest (which  grown so large that it makes Austin uninhabitable for two weeks) and instead keep bringing incredible world recognized showcases to town along with new friends to see them!