Building Boom: The Strip District / by EpicDevelopments

The Strip is one of those places that every Pittsburgher holds close to their hearts.  Its that place that reminds us that Pittsburgh is a city, bustling and busy filled with quirky street vendors and institutional destinations.  It's one of the last places in Pittsburgh that feels unchanged by technology and time.  And while warehouse districts boomed in the 90's in cities across America (NY, Cleveland, Philadelphia), eroding some of the authenticness, the Strip just quietly kept on trucking as it has for decades before.  But now, it seems like, it seems like everyone is interested in the Strip.

Within the past year there have been several high profile projects announced, almost all residential based, which is poised to set the Strip down a path of change.  Here is a quick rundown of some of the notable additions and possible/proposed projects:
  • 1100 Smallman St, 59 Units, New Built
  • Wholey's Cold Storage Building, 144 Units, Renovation
  • Penn Rose Building, Currently on the Market, Potential 80-100 Units
  • The Massive Buncher Project: Proposed 750 Units in addition to sizable Office Spaces
  • 1100 Smallman
    Buncher Plan 
    Wholeys Apartments

    Here is for hoping that these projects take a page from The Cork Factory and Lot 24 and only add to the vibrancy and only make the Strip a more interesting people to live, work, or play!