POSTED: A Preview / by EpicDevelopments

For years one of my favorite blogs to follow in Pittsburgh has been Steeltown Anthem.  Run by local design connoisseur Mundania (Dane) Horvath, the blog simply and beautifully captures exceptional design, designers, homes, and more.  From the first time I saw Dane's work in action at a poster show in Garfield years ago, I have wanted to work with her.

And, I am lucky enough that the day has come!  Tomorrow (Nov 7th) Steeltown Anthem and TOWNHOUSE will debut POSTED, a local print show featuring the works of 15+ local artists.  The show features original (and in most cases numbered runs) pieces ranging from work-cut to digital prints  The show will open with a little fiesta featuring tunes spun by Matthew Buchholz, snacks, and local beer from 6-9pm and will run through Saturday November 9th.  A special thanks to AIGA Pittsburgh for sponsoring us and helping make the event a reality!

Featured Artists:
  • Alternate Histories 
  • Worker Bird
  • CommonWealth Press
  • strawberryluna
  • Wood Type Revival 
  • Matt Braun
  • Everyday Balloons 
  • Melissa Frost 
  • Second Block Studio
  • Stephen Knezovich
  • Andrew O. Ellis
  • Ryan Hamrick
  • Ben Sampson
  • Phil Mollenkof
  • Mundania Horvath 
  • United Pixelworkers
  • Dead Bury Dead
Below are a sampling of some of the amazing pieces that have rolled in.  If you haven't set aside time to stop in you to see us, you should!  It will be an amazing opportunity to snag an original piece to add to your collection for incredibly reasonable prices!  And if the amazing works and free beer isn't enough, TOWNHOUSE will also be previewing some of their handmade holiday items!

CommonWealth Press
Worker Bird
Ben Samson
Holiday Preview - TOWNHOUSE