Hello Pittsburgh. Meet Beaux Arts. / by Michael McAllister

Pittsburgh is evolving. From new, bold development plans around city neighborhoods to the stylish throngs that call the city home, Pittsburghers are looking beyond the status-quo for something exceptional and interesting.  This is most evident in how we live and the neighborhoods we call home.  Gone are the plans of leveling entire blocks for generic shopping experiences replaced with renovated loft apartments and new build in-fill projects filled with the urban dwellers that seek them out.  Downtown, Lawrenceville, East Liberty and everywhere in between. I am excited by it all; the people, the buildings, the neighborhoods, the new, the old, the design, detail.  So much so I could't just keep it to myself.  Enter, Beaux Arts.

Beaux Arts is the newest publication from Epic and looks to bring together an outlet for the new urban lifestyle.  Inspired by publications and design I love like Quarterly Collective and Dwell, the biannual publication will roll out each Spring and Fall highlighting the best in urban housing from post-war classics to mod open lofts and will include snapshots of the Pittsburgh urban landscape like:

  • Street style editorials from rising Instagram star Keep Pittsburgh Dope
  • Apt #: Glimpses into your brilliantly designed abodes
  • Forging Ahead: Details of new developments (apartments, shops, restaurants, projects) poised to shake up Pittsburgh

Beyond our print edition which you will be able to pick up across town from coffee shops to homegoods shops like hot haute hot & IKEA, we are also rolling out a digital site to find make your apartment hunt a breeze (coming January 2015).  Rooftop, gym, and Downtown?  Done and done.  East End with parking? Got that too. See you never Craigslist.  

We also want to know what you are up to! In your hood, your personal ecstatic, your Saturday morning Strip District routine.  Follow and tag us in your photos from across town and you might just land yourself a future publication!