New Home...New Vibe / by Michael McAllister

We are saying goodbye to our blogspot home.  She was a beaut but its onward and upward. With the change, I am prompting myself to be more diligent with my posting.  I will try my best to find at least one thing to post a week, whether its a quick thought or a more thought out (cough..rant..cough) posting.  I started with updates on developments and development sites in addition to news of the new and excited.  I want to renew those posts that in addition to challenging myself to myself to put more of my thoughts down rather than just have them spinning around my head.   So if you liked what you were reading before, please continue to follow us.  I hope to only make the content more interesting.

And in more exciting news, we aren't just moving digitally but also physically!  Come fall, I'll be calling Homewood the first home base for Epic Development that isn't my dining room table!  Big changes all around and excited for all of them!  Stay tuned.