2014...What I Love So Far / by Michael McAllister

So yesterday feels like it was NYE and now we are staring the 4th of July in the face.  Its a little crazy.  But luckily for us, there have been some fun new additions to the Burgh so far in 2014 and some great openings and additions planned for the rest of the year!

Row House Cinema/Atlas Bottle Shop: Good design + good beer + good movies = Great new addition to Lawrenceville.  And its only going to get better.  Once lower level beer room is opened, Atlas hopes to have the most comprehensive selection of beer in the city to go alongside killer iconic films like The Shining and Amelie.   

Bayardstown: For a minute (and it was a panic-stricken one), I thought that Bayardstown wasn't bringing their cool backyard-vibe social club back in 2014.  Luckily for us, they did making summer 2014 full of BBQ's and fires alongside some random parties by groups like VIA, Pandemic, and more.

New Apartments: Whether is at Bakery Square or PMC Downtown, a ton of new units have opened up making it easier for the out of towner to get a place on the fly without having to troll Craigslist for days on end.   It also seems that the age of the roof deck has arrived in Pittsburgh which is a welcome addition.

Constellation Coffee: Delicious. Bright. Friendly. This is neighborhood coffee shop on Penn Ave has quickly become part of my Saturday haircut routine (along with Ryan Graham's $10 cuts at Franks Barber Shop), complete with a jelly filled donut.

 Cortado at Constellation Coffee.

Cortado at Constellation Coffee.

Uber/Lyft: These services have been game changers for getting around the city compared to the sad taxi service that we all know and loath.

Butcher on Butler: The neighborhood butcher is alive and well in the former Fosters Meat location in Upper Lawrenceville.  Upgrade your summer BBQ with locally sourced and butchered meat from this friendly operation.

Trade Union: So I know its tacky to put your own things on your own site but Trade Union is one of those projects that has me excited about Pittsburgh.  In our first outing back in spring, the level of talent blew me away.  I am excited to do it again in the fall (with a little summer BBQ in the works for August) and meet more crazy talented PGH-ers.

 Lost Objects Studio at Trade Union.

Lost Objects Studio at Trade Union.

New Breweries: The Brew Gentlemen opened their doors to their long awaited Braddock location, Hitchhiker popped up in Mt. Lebanon and several others have plans for the second half of 2014 (Voodoo outpost in Homestead, Full Pint partnering with Wild Purveyors, Milkman Brewery opening in the Strip, and more).  Pittsburgh you shouldn't be having any issues with finding a growler of something local and delicious! 

Sienna Mercato: While I do not put this three-concept spot in the love category yet (a like category for sure), I do love that its anchoring a new slug of restaurateurs (outside of Meat & Potatoes team) opening up Downtown.  Thinking along the lines of something for everyone, its my hope that the host of new spots (from operators like AMPED and Y Group) will add to the increasing vibrancy of the neighborhood leading to more apartments, amenities and hopefully growth of Downtown.  

What we are looking forward to for the rest of the year! Smoke (Lawrenceville), Hotel Monaco & its accompanying bar/restaurant (Downtown), West Elm (Bakery Square), Taglio (East Liberty), Market Street Grocery (Downtown), Tako (Downtown),  Bread & Salt (Bloomfield), Arde (Northside), aforementioned breweries (across town).